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PASCA Celebrates Israel's Birthday in Bazaar

Sunday, May 4, 2008
Portland-Ashkelon Sister City Association Event for Israel's Birthday

Today we celebrated Israel's birthday, Yom Hatzmaut, by having a table at Neveh Shalom in the Bazaar when Sunday School was over. Diane, an architect, created a huppa that was behind us with represented waves of the sea at Ashkelon hanging from above. We were visited by a young man who had been an IDF soldier and had lived in Ashkelon. His son was born there. They had a birthing problem, and found out that Barzelai Hospital was as good as any in Israel, which relieved him greatly. Tamar had several power point presentations going on about Ashkelon on her computer. The best part was the catered food which was a fallafel plate with pita, humous and salads. Hmmm, it was delicious. It made me feel like I was back in Israel. Great Israeli music played throughout the room. That and good friends that stopped by to chat and read about Ashkelon made the day.

Posted by Nadene Goldfoot at 4:17 PM
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