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Wednesday, May 14, 2008
Ashkelon, Our Sister City, Hit by Rockets, MALL HIT

Ashkelon's mall was just hit with 14-15 injured who were taken to Barzelai Hospital. This happened while Bush is in Israel for its 60th birthday. Both Bush and Condoleeza Rice were having meetings in Jerusalem when it happened. Rice was invited to Ashkelon to see the damage, but I don't think she'll take the offer. There had been so many false alarms of incoming rockets that the city of 100,000, which is only 9 miles from the Gaza border, had turned the alarm off. The people had no warning.

I've a feeling that this will cause the IDF to move now. This was uncalled for and intolerable, as all the rocket attacks have been. Below is the address of the doctor at Barzelai Hospital speaking about the patients in an interview.

Posted by Nadene Goldfoot at 1:49 PM
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